A week of incredible discounts in Pulse!

Popust povodom Svetskog dana srca

World Heart Day has been celebrated on September 29 since 2012 to raise awareness of the dangers of cardiovascular disease.


Of the total number of people who died from non-communicable diseases, the percentage of those who were cardiovascular patients is about 50%!


This figure is large and alarming, and that’s why we use the opportunity to contribute to the fight against these vicious diseases.


Prevention and regular visits to a cardiologist are the surest way to a healthy heart.

It is not easy to schedule preventive examinations in state institutions, because the waiting lists are huge, and it is not so easy for everyone to afford visits to private surgeries, which is why we usually do nothing until it becomes urgent.


We understand you and that’s why we decided to help!

On the occasion of World Heart Day, we have prepared incredible discounts for you.


This year we are turning Heart Day into HEART WEEK and offering you discounts from 10% to 60% on selected examinations!


A week of discounts on certain services

In the period from September 27 to October 3, 2021, it is possible to use discounts on the following examinations:

Kardioloski preged




Cardiology examination – 60% discount

  • examination by a cardiologist, ECG, measurement of pressure and saturation, ultrasound of the heart, conclusion of a cardiologist
  • the price without discount is 12,100, and with discount 4,840 din






Kompletan kardioloski pregled




Total cardiology examination – 50% discount

  • ECG, heart ultrasound, stress test, Holter ECG or pressure Holter, laboratory, cardiologist examination, conclusion
  • the price without discount is 32,900, and with discount 16,450 din


CT koronarografija







CT coronary angiography – 10% discount

  • imaging on a 128 multi-slice scanner with contrast, CD, radiologist’s report
  • the price without discount is 28,000, and with discount 25,200 din



Specijal pregled za pusace





Examination for smokers – 10% discount

  • risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases, MSCT lung scan, MSCT heart scan
  • the price without discount is 27,500, and with discount 24,750 din









In addition to these packages, you may also be interested in Total Body CT Scan and Total Body Check, which include all necessary examinations important for systematic, preventive monitoring of the condition of the entire organism.

Who are these reviews for?

Examinations are intended for everyone, regardless of age and the presence of symptoms of cardiovascular diseases.


Diseases of the cardiovascular system almost never imply the appearance of symptoms in the early stages, when detection would be most useful. Our organism can function for a long time seemingly without problems, although it exists and grows slowly.


Only 3% of people detect any of the cardiovascular diseases in time, that is, at a stage when difficulties in the functioning of the system are not yet obvious. The reason for this is preventive examinations, which are not yet, but should become a practice for all of us.


The prices of the packages we offer you are not negligible, but with discounts of 10 to even 60%, they become much more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Seize this opportunity and schedule a preventive examination!

If you have already been diagnosed with a heart disease, take advantage of these discounts and do the examinations that are part of your annual routine, in addition, hear the opinion of our experts who will interpret the results for you.


If you are not sure which of the packages is the best choice for you, we will help you make the right decision.


Contact us by phone or send an inquiry using the contact form.


Why should you come to us?

Cardiology Center Pulse was created and equipped with the aim of providing the best and fastest service to patients with heart diseases through quick appointments, diagnosis within 2 hours and all in one place.


With us, you always have priority!


We are focused on providing accurate and fast diagnostics, effective treatment and safe and successful interventions!


It is possible to get all this in one place because we have a laboratory, the most modern 128-slice CT scanner, diagnostic offices (load test, ECG, heart ECHO, Holter monitor ECG and blood pressure Holter, Color Doppler carotid…), Cath-lab specialized for various interventions in the field of interventional cardiology, neurology and vascular surgery.


In addition to all that, we are especially proud of the team of experts who work in our center, because because of them, we are a place to which a huge number of people have entrusted their heart health.


We want to make the knowledge, experience and technology that we possess available to the widest possible number of people, and that is why we are constantly finding reasons and ways to make examinations and interventions more accessible.

Our team


The cardiology team of our center is made up of experienced experts who acquired and perfected their knowledge in the best hospitals in the country and the world. They are focused on continuous improvement of their skills, so thanks to each of them in diagnosis and performance of procedures, our service is at the level of conscious cardiology centers.


They are trained to implement innovative, minimally invasive diagnostic methods as well as invasive interventions aimed at healing and saving lives!


We are happy to highlight the names of the following top cardiologists who are part of our team: Goran Popovic, Svetislav Malisic, Boris Dzudovic, Aleksandar Cicovic, Aleksandra Djokovic, Petar Otasevic, Srdjan Boskovic, Ivica Djuric, Vanja Koic, Gerhard Aernout Somsen, Igor Tulevski, Melvin R. Mac Gillavri, Lazar Angelkov and Nemanja Djenic.


All of them have many years of experience in practice, scientific and research work, in working with the most advanced technologies, and they are prominent members of European, world and domestic associations.

In addition, we are happy to mention that thanks to them we are part of international expertise.


If you are still in doubt, we will repeat, it is always the right time to visit a cardiologist! Especially if you haven’t been before.



Don’t wait until you feel bad.


Schedule a preventive check-up at incredible prices or have check-ups to monitor the effects of treatment.


Seize this opportunity!


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