Ass dr Srdjan Bošković

dr srdjan boskovic

Ass dr Srdjan Bošković


Specific professional orientation

Ass dr Srđan Bošković is a specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in cardiology. In his daily work, he deals with the treatment of coronary disease, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases. In addition to examination and ultrasound diagnosis, he performs a stress echo test.

He is the head of the Coronary Unit of the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases in Dedinje. He is also engaged in private practice as a consultant cardiologist at Pulse Cardiology Center



1997 – Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade – Undergraduate studies

1997 – He completed his basic medical internship at the Faculty of Medicine

2003 – Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade – Specialization in internal medicine

2010 – Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade – Subspecialization in cardiology. He completed his master’s degree in cardiology in 2010 with a thesis defense entitled “Surgical correction of non-ischemic mitral regurgitation in persons with reduced systolic function of the left ventricle – predictors of the occurrence of cardiovascular events”, mentor Prof. Dr. Biljana Obrenović-Kirćanski.

Working experience:

  • Since 1998, he has been employed at the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases in Dedinje – Head of the Coronary Unit.
  • Since 2011, he has been a Clinical Assistant at the Internal Medicine course at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Belgrade
  • From 2022 at Pulse Cardiology Center – consultant cardiologist
  • He attended clinical training at St Johns Hospital in Detroit, USA and at the Kerckoff Clinic in Bad Nauheim, Germany.
  • In the period from 2010-2015, he stayed four times for 3 months at the Chest Disease Hospital in Kuwait, where he worked as the head of the coronary unit and at the interventional cardiology department.



He is a member of the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia

He is a member of the European Association of Cardiologists

He is a member of the American-Austrian Medical Association



Doctor Srđan Bošković is the author and co-author of 16 in extenso papers cited in Current Content and dozens of abstracts at domestic and international congresses. He was an invited lecturer several times at domestic congresses of cardiologists and internists. He was co-investigator and principal investigator in 14 international clinical studies.