Only at the Pulse cardiology center we offer innovative solutions for remote monitoring of your condition 24/7 using a mobile phone and application.

Do you suffer from (uncontrolled) high blood pressure? Are you worried about pressure changes? Would you like us to monitor your blood pressure while you are focused on your daily activities? Would you like to have a doctor always by your side? Maybe e-Health is the right option for you. We offer you the possibility of monitoring of your blood pressure from home.

All it takes is a mobile phone and a measuring device and we will have your results with us in seconds, while you are anywhere in the world or at home. We reduce non-consecutive arrivals at our center and offer you security because the entire team monitors you. Fast, simple, and safe cardiac support.


We monitor your measurements that you send us from home


Our e-Health program offers an individualized treatment and follow-up plan for patients with uncontrolled hypertension. After the cardiology examination at the Pulse cardiology center, the cardiologist will suggest that you register for the e-health program. After that, you will receive all the instructions regarding downloading the mobile application and how we will work together. With very precise and accurate measurements we always have an insight into the state of your blood pressure and the effectiveness of the therapy. Depending on the diagnosis under which you are registered in the e-health program, through the application you will receive a message at regular, pre-defined intervals reminding you to send us the results of your measurements. Our team receives and controls measurements in real time. In case we notice any abnormalities in your results, we consult with the cardiologist who follows you and give you advice on how to proceed.

In addition, the e-health team will review your treatment plans and active medications during your registration. If necessary, we may ask you to complete a lifestyle survey and answer some questions about your health. You can also choose to send us additional measurements if you feel uncomfortable.


How does e-Health work?


Follow the simple steps:

  • A cardiologist at the Pulse cardiology center will register you for the program.
  • You will download the mobile application.
  • You will measure your blood pressure at home.
  • You will send and share measured values safely, simply and quickly via a mobile application on your phone.
  • Our e-Health team of experienced nurses and cardiologists evaluates the measurements remotely and contacts you in case of deviations (abnormal) values that require professional support.

Advantages of the e-Health program


E-Health offers you the possibility that your cardiologist is “nearby” wherever you are in the world, 24/7. We monitor and track your condition remotely and you can feel safe.

When in doubt, you can directly contact a nurse or doctor who have access to your medical records through the e-Health platform. They can then decide together with you what is the best thing for you to do at a given time.

Our wish is to make it easier for you to monitor the condition remotely and to avoid unnecessary visits to our centers.


Our e-Health and team of cardiologists are available 24/7. If necessary we will provide direct contact with a specialist.

You can contact the e-Health team by calling us via call center +381117555000 

Terms of use

Here you can download the General Terms of Use for e-Health.


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Frequently asked questions                 

How does e-Health work?

  1. Measure your blood pressure, weight, heart rate or heart rate.
  2. Simply submit your results via the mobile app.
  3. If the values submitted are abnormal or exceed the limit set by your doctor (eg high blood pressure or abnormal heart rhythm), our team will contact you.
  4. Depending on your situation, the doctor may decide to adjust your medication or, if necessary, may ask you to make an appointment for a follow-up examination.
  5. When necessary, you can have direct contact with your cardiologist.


How do I know if my measurement through e-Health has been reviewed?

After the first measurement, you will receive an email confirming that you have successfully submitted your measurements. From the second measurement onwards, if you take the measurement correctly and save it in the mobile app, our e-Health team will always receive it. All measurements are kept in your file and abnormal readings are reviewed and evaluated. We will contact you if there is a reason to adjust your current therapy.


Can I apply for e-Health?

Our cardiologists select patients for e-Health participation based on diagnosis. Among other things: we currently have programs available for patients with hypertension.

Please discuss signing up for e-Health with your cardiologist during your next visit to our clinic.


I am not a patient of Pulse cardiology center. Can I apply for e-Health?

Currently, e-Health is available exclusively to Pulse cardiology center patients. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of signing up for blood pressure monitoring, our team will provide you with all the necessary information. There is also the possibility of informing your doctor (cardiologist, internist, general practitioner) about the results of your measurements.


Are there any costs for using the e-Health program?

Costs vary depending on the program and the duration of the program. e-Health programs will be offered for two periods, 6 and 12 months. The price of the Hypertension program for a 6-month follow-up period is €200 (≈ 23,500 din) and €300 (≈ 35,250 din) for a 12-month follow-up program.

You can pay for the service as follows:

  • Cash
  • Invoice
  • Credit card
  • Debit card


How do I install e-Health?

To use one of the e-Health programs, you need a smartphone or tablet. Our team will give you simple instructions on how to download the app. When you download the application you will be logged in with your information. The program and period you subscribed to (hypertension program 6 or 12 months) will already be set in the application. You will receive instructions on how to perform and send your measurements via a mobile application, which our team will monitor and react according to the established protocol. The application is very easy to use, in just a few clicks your results arrive at the Pulse cardiology center.


After your cardiologist confirms your eligibility for the e-Health program, there are only a few steps left to start taking measurements at home.

  1. Our e-Health team will guide you through the registration steps. You will receive a personal invitation via email with instructions on how to download the app for your smartphone or tablet.
  2. You will be offered the option to obtain measuring devices (pressure gauge) directly at the clinic or you will be directed to a partner company.
  3. You can also call us by phone to check whether you have accessed the program, discuss the frequency of measurements and get other desired information.

Now you are ready to measure at home.


What do I need to use e-Health?

  • To use e-Health, you need a smartphone or tablet.
  • e-Health is specially designed for older users, it is very simple and intuitive to use.


Terms of use

Here you can download the General Terms of Use for e-Health.

Instructions for use 

Here you can download the instructions for use of the e-Health application for ANDROID devices

Here you can download the instructions for use of the e-Health application for iOS devices