Cenovnik usluga Puls Dedinje

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ECG – Electrocardiogram1.200
Blood Pressure Monitoring7.000
Holter ECG8.000
Holter ECG 48h15.200
Holter ECG 72h22.400
Holter (ECG&Blood Pressure)15.000
Heart Ultrasound7.400
Abdominal Ultrasound5.000
Thyroid ultrasound5.000
Breast ultrasound5.000
Carotid doppler ultrasound6.900
Doppler ultrasound of blood vessels of the legs6.900
Doppler ultrasound of an arm6.900
Renal artery doppler6.900
Abdominal aortic doppler6.900
Transcranial doppler ultrasound7.400
Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Saturation1.000
Unsedated Gastroscopy16.000
Gastroscopy With Anesthesia21.900 19.700
Sedation-Free Colonoscopy19.000
Colonoscopy With Anesthesia24.200 21.780
Cranial X-Ray4.000
X-ray of the Paranasal sinuses3.500
X-ray of the Nasal Bone (AP+II view)4.000
Cervical Spine X-ray4.000
Shoulder X-ray3.500
Upper Arm X-ray4.000
Elbow X-ray4.000
Forearm X-ray4.000
Wrist X-ray4.000
Hand X-ray4.000
Thoracic spine X-ray4.000
Chest X-ray4.000
Lung X-ray3.500
Abdominal X-ray3.500
X-ray of the Urinary Tract – Native Image3.500
Lumbar Spine X-ray4.000
Pelvic and Hip X-ray3.500
Pelvic and Hip X-ray in Two Projections4.000
Femur (Upper Leg) X-ray4.000
Knee X-ray4.000
Lower Leg X-ray4.000
Ankle Joint X-ray4.000
Heel X-ray3.500
Foot X-ray4.000
Cancer Detection – 11 Shots15.000
CT Scanner:without contrastwith contrast
MSCT 1 segment11.00014.200
MSCT 2 segments18.00021.000
MSCT 3 segments 26.300
MSCT 4 segments 31.500
MSCT 5 segments 34.700
MSCT of the Head11.00014.200
MSCT of the cervical spine11.00014.200
MSCT of the thoracic spine11.00014.200
MSCT of the lumbar spine11.00014.200
Whole spine MSCT 22.400
Chest MSCT11.00014.200
MSCT of the hips11.00014.200
Abdominal MSCT11.00014.200
MSCT of the pelvis11.00014.200
Soft tissue MSCT11.00014.200
Upper thighs MSCT11.00014.200
MSCT of the shoulders11.00014.200
MSCT of the upper arms11.00014.200
MSCT of the wrist11.00014.200
MSCT of the feet1100014.200
MSCT of the orbit11.00014.200
MSCT of the joint11.00014.200
MSCT of the knee11.00014200
MSCT of the lower leg11.00014.200
MSCT of the sinus cavity11.00014.200
MSCT urography 21.000
MSCT calcium score11.000 
MSCT coronary angiography 29.400
MSCT coronary angiography & abdominal and thoracic aorta angiography 45.200
MSCT coronary angiography & thoracic aorta angiography 39.900
MSCT coronary angiography & abdominal aorta angiography 39.900
MSCT angiography 2 segments 22.600
MSCT angiography 3 segments 29.900
MSCT head (brain) angiography 16.300
MSCT angiography of blood vessels of the neck (carotid) 16.300
MSCT angiography of the head and neck 22.600
MSCT aortography 21.000
MSCT angiography of the thoracic aorta 16.300
MSCT angiography of the abdominal aorta 16.300
MSCT abdominal angiography (liver, renal arteries) 16.500
MSCT pelvic angiography 16.500
MSCT angiography of the abdominal aorta and lower extremities 27.300
MSCT angiography of the upper extremities 19.600
MSCT angiography with phlebography 1 segment 31.500
MSCT pulmonangiography 16.300
MSCT of the chest with pulmonangiography 23.100
MSCT of the head with angiography of the head 22.000
MSCT of the head with angiography of the head and neck 26.300
MSCT enterography 26.300
MSCT arcus 16.300
MSCT arcus with neck angiography 21.000
Triple rule out (pulmonary angiography + coronary angiography+ angiography of the thoracic aorta) 41.000
FFR MSCT – Fractional Flow Reserve 36.700
MSCT examination MD Branislav Lukač – 1 segment 31.000
MSCT examination MD Branislav Lukač – 2 segments 33.000
MSCT examination MD Branislav Lukač – 3 segments 36.000
CT scan second opinion 14.000


General surgery diagnostic service6.900
Vascular diagnostic service6.900
General practitioner exam2.500
Orthopedic evaluation6.900
Cardiologist consultation with ECG7.000
Cardiologist check-up with ECG & ECHO9.900
Arrhythmologist examination12.000
Professor examination with ECG12.000
Asistent profesor examination (ECG & Ultrasound)12.000
Academician exmaniation19.000
Follow-up cardiologist consultation with ECG4.900
Ultrasound of the heart7.400
Cardiac stress test12.000
Stress ECHO test13.000
Pharmacological stress test15.800
Assessment of coronary flow reserve (CFR)16.000
Holter ECG8.000
Holter ECG 48h15.200
Holter ECG 72h22.400
BP holter7.000
Combined Holter ( ECG&BP )15.000
Lab analysis3.000
Pacemaker check with consultation12.000
Cardovascular Suregon Examination10.000
Expert team examination ( cardiovascular surgeon, cardiologist, interventional cardiologist )35.000

Cardiologist check-up with ECG & ECHO:

  • Cardiologist examination
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram ( Heart ultrasound )

PACKAGE PRICE:  9.900 din.

Basic heart examination:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram ( Heart ultrasound )
  • Cardiac stress test
  • Cardiologist examination

PACKAGE PRICE:  20.000 din.

Total heart examination:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram ( Heart ultrasound )
  • Cardiac stress test
  • Holter ECG or BP
  • Ca Score
  • CT Coronarography
  • Cardiologist examination

PACKAGE PRICE:  47.400 din.

Preoperative cardiac examination:

  • Cardiologist examination
  • Lab analysis
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram(Heart ultrasound)

PACKAGE PRICE:  12.900 din.

Special examination for smokers:

  • Cardiologist examination
  • ECG
  • Heart ECHO
  • MSCT chest scan
  • MSCT heart scan – Calcium score

PACKAGE PRICE:  27.500 din.



Atherosclerosis – Basic package:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Carotid echo-Doppler
  • Endocrinologist examination
  • Cardiologist examination

PACKAGE PRICE:  16.800 din.

Atreroskleroza – prošireni paket:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Carotid echo-Doppler
  • Lower limb Doppler ultrasonography
  • Endocrinologist examination
  • Cardiologist examination

PACKAGE PRICE:  19.800 din.

Atreroskleroza – prošireni paket 2:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Echocardiogram
  • Carotid echo-Doppler
  • Lower limb Doppler ultrasonography
  • Endocrinologist examination
  • Nutritionist consultation
  • Cardiologist examination

PACKAGE PRICE:  25.700 din.

Pediatric cardiologist Examination with ECG8.000
Cardiac stress test12.000
Cardiac stress test (with a preliminary examination within a month)8.000
Examination, ECG, Echo and opinion14.000
Fetal ultrasound13.000
Gastroenterologist examination6.900
Gastroenterologist examination with ultrasound of the abdomen10.000
Gastroscopy in analgosedation21.900 19.700
Colonoscopy in analgosedation24.200 21.780
Gastroscopy & Colonoscopy in analgosedation42.000
Radiology Exam6.900
Endocrinology Exam6.900
Pulmonary exam7.000
Pediatrician Examination6.000 3.000
Pediatrician check-up3.500
Pediatrician home visit16.000
Pediatrician – endocrinologist examination7.800
Abdominal ultrasound examination for children6.000
Hip ultrasound examination for children6.000
Pre-vaccination examination6.000
Pediatrician examination with tick removal5.500
Dressing for a small area2.500
Dressing for a medium-sized area3.000
Dressing for a larger area3.500
Umbilical region treatment1.800
Controloc infusion on-site5.500
Administration of prolonged infusion (60 minutes)4.500
Nasal and oral aspiration1.000
Swab collection500
Pentaxim with administration service5.300
Prevenar 13 vaccine with administration service8.800
Vaccine administration service1.300
Allergological tests – epicutaneous/patch test6.500
Child examination for confirmation (return to kindergarten / excursion)3.000
Urological Exam6.900
Nephrology (kidney) exam6.900
Neurological Exam6.900
Psychiatrist consultation (assessment and diagnosis)17.000
Psychiatric treatments (individualized, biopsychosocial)13.000
Individual psychotherapy13.000
Family psychotherapy15.000
Couples therapy15.000



Inspection and plaster removal
Inspection and replacement of existing plaster
Corrections of existing plaster
Plaster Leg
Plaster Arm
Plastični gips za ruke
Plastični gips za noge