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Information for users of our services


Dear visitors, the focus of the work of Pulse Cardiology Center is our patient. The most important thing for us is that you feel safe with us, that we provide you with top medical care and support, that you are well informed and that together we are more efficient in terms of the time spent. You will leave Pulse Cardiology Center with a clear treatment plan and your health, the health of your family or friends has been and always will be our priority.



In order for us to always devote ourselves to you, it is important that you are familiar with the procedures and preparations for examinations at Pulse Cardiology Center.



Tips and instructions for the patient:



  • Prepare for the interview, be ready to answer the doctor’s questions and ask additional questions
  • Be on time
  • Bring all medical and personal documentation
  • Feel free to bring a family member or friend with you to the examination
  • Before leaving Pulse Cardiology Center, be sure to contact the staff at the counter.

Preparations for an examination or diagnostic procedure

You will be informed in a timely manner about any examination or diagnostic procedure that requires special preparation.

There are some clearly defined standards for certain examinations that should be followed in order for the examination or procedure to be carried out smoothly.


If you come for the stress test, it is important to wear comfortable clothes and wear comfortable shoes (sports) so that you can do the test on the bike without any problems.




If you come for the CT scanner imaging, it will be necessary to leave metal objects, belts, jewellery, eyeglasses or dentures in the dressing room, if possible. Before the CT scan, you must not eat or drink for several hours before the examination.



In addition, we ask all patients who have symptoms of cold, sneezing, cough, sore throat or fever, to contact us by phone before coming to Pulse Cardiology Center.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our call center at any time on 011 7555 000. We will be happy to answer all your questions.




We provide our patients with the highest quality care of the heart and blood vessels. We use a proven Dutch system and state-of-the-art technologies managed by the best diagnosticians in the region.

Please make an appointment for all doctor’s visits. If more than three years have passed before the last visit to the cardiologist, you may need to do a comprehensive cardiological assessment. All patients report first at the reception desk. Notify our staff at the counter if you wait longer than 20 minutes after you have checked in. Be prepared to show your ID and insurance card with each visit.

If your insurance requires you to fill out a referral before visiting our specialist, contact your insurance company before making an appointment at our hospital.

To provide efficient services to all our patients, we are unable to accept unannounced visits. Please call the Pulse Cardiology Center and we will help you schedule an appointment.

If you have a problem that becomes urgent, call us and the nurse will make a quick assessment of the symptoms.

Sometimes we will ask you to call an ambulance. We will do this when we feel that your symptoms justify an emergency hospital admission.

Every time you come to the doctor’s office for an examination, bring all your medicines or a complete, updated list of medicines. This requirement comes through many years of experience in patient care.

If you need to cancel a visit to our doctor or any testing, intervention or laboratory analysis, please call us at least 48 hours before the scheduled date to cancel or change the schedule.

Let our staff know that you have been ordered to have a blood test. We can only provide you with laboratory findings done at our hospital. If you need other types of laboratory tests, which are not part of your cardiac examination, you should bring us instructions from the doctor who ordered the testing.

Please make an appointment for any laboratory tests that are not indicated by our cardiologist as part of the examination. You may need to come another day for a blood test again.

Once your doctor examines your blood test, you will receive an e-mail copy of the report informing you of the results of the lab tests. This usually takes up to 7 days depending on the type of testing. If after 7 days you have not received the results of the blood test, call us. Patients with the results of laboratory tests who need more urgent care will be contacted by phone.


If you are planning any intervention or surgical procedure, we would be grateful if you could inform our medical staff about the details of the planned procedure. The surgeon may not be aware of certain health problems or illnesses you have and you may need approval for surgery from a cardiologist. For each surgical approval by a Pulse Cardiologist, an examination will be required for evaluation before any intervention or surgery.

If you are referred to the Pulse Cardiology Center by another doctor, bring all your medical records. This will help our cardiologist to better understand your health and problems. It will also help prevent duplication of laboratory and diagnostic tests.

When you need prescription for medicine or supplements, call our hospital. Call at least 3-5 days before you run out of necessary medication. Check your medicine supplies often. We will print the  prescription and send it to you by e-mail, or you can visit us.

Many diagnostic tests and blood test must be performed at the hospital during the examination. Keep in mind that tests can take time, especially if there are more than one, to plan your time. We may also require you to change into hospital clothes for easier access and certain standards when testing.

If your insurance company requires you to complete a referral or pre-certification before the diagnostic test, notify our hospital. If you change your insurance company, let us know immediately, no matter when your next visit is planned. E-mail to us a copy of your insurance card.

Also, any additional fees that are not normally covered by your insurance will be charged during your visit.

In order to cover the costs through insurance, you may need a referral from your GP to get insurance.


Pulse Cardiology Center has cooperation with the following insurance companies:

Wiener, Uniqa, Triglav, Generali, Dunav, DDOR




At the Pulse Cardiology Center, you can pay with:

  • cash
  • debit cards
  • credit cards
  • invoice

We also offer the option of payment in installments to Banca Intesa card users.