Preoperative Cardiovascular Evaluation

This examination is intended for anyone who has a planned operation or any surgical intervention that requires the consent of a cardiologist to introduce the patient to anesthesia.

Preoperative cardiac examination is performed by a cardiologist and uses all necessary tests and diagnostic tools to make an accurate diagnosis and give consent that you may undergo the planned surgery or intervention.

Depending on the type of planned operation and your health condition, the cardiologist will determine what needs to be checked and analyzed in detail, so that your intervention goes according to plan.

You need to bring us all the previous reports and diagnostics you have regarding your primary diagnosis that you are treating or for which you were referred for surgery.

We understand that heart health is the most important thing. That is why we are always available for examinations and providing a comprehensive diagnosis in less than 2 hours.

Patients are at the center of everything we do and that is why we have built a holistic experience with a full range of tests and diagnostic tools, provided by the best available doctors and staff. Our team is always available to patients and all procedures are performed in one place.

It’s no secret that cardiovascular diseases make up one in every three deaths globaly. Specifically, heart disease accounts for about 25% of all deaths and is the leading cause of death.

With numbers like these, regular heart checkups at the doctor might be a good idea. You should know if you have a potential risk for cardiovascular disease.

Pulse Cardiology Center, in accordance with the needs of patients, offers several carefully created cardiac examinations:

What does a preoperative cardiac examination include?

The basic cardiological examination is painless, no preparation is required, no invasive instruments are used (usually a stethoscope, tensiometer, ECG and echocardiography are used). If necessary due to your primary condition, the cardiologist will suggest additional analyzes and tests.

How long does a preoperative cardiac examination last?

Preoperative cardiac examination lasts on average about 20-30 minutes and longer if necessary.

ECG – Electrocardiogram

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a graphical record of the electrical activity of the heart. Electrocardiography is a fast, painless and non-invasive method that registers the electrical activity of the heart, and the device that makes the graphic record is called an electrocardiograph. This method can detect various heart diseases. Recording takes a few minutes and the result is available immediately.

Ultrasound of the heart – Echocardiography

Echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart) has become a routine procedure for diagnosing and monitoring patients with heart disease. It is also one of the most commonly used diagnostic procedures in cardiology. This method can provide a large amount of information including the size and shape of the heart, the location and size of damage to the heart tissue, the appearance of heart valves.

Complete blood analysis

 Blood test results

  • Complete blood count with leukocytes – CBC
  • CRP
  • Sedimentation

Biochemical analysis

  • Prothrombin time
  • aPTT
  • Glycemia
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • AST
  • ALT
  • Na
  • K
  • Chlorides

Price of preoperative cardiovascular evaluation

The price of a preoperative cardiovascular evaluation is 12,900 dinars. The price includes a cardiologist’s examination, laboratory analysis, ECG and heart ultrasound.