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Our team is trained in some of the leading cardiology hospitals around the country and the world, with extensive experience in cardiology. We put all eforts to make available doctors who are currently the best in their field to our patients. By providing expertise in every branch of cardiology with a reputation and a synonym for excellence, we will strive to ensure that our services in Serbia are at an international level of quality.

We believe in providing exceptional cardiac service in a way that our patients truly appreciate. We are glad to have the opportunity to offer all services without waiting, quickly and efficiently, in one place and at affordable prices.

Patients are the center of everything we do and that is why we are always available when we are needed.

The heart is a complex organ. It is no surprise that there are a large number of heart diseases.

One of the best cardiovascular teams in the country will welcome you at the Pulse Cardiology Center. Our vascular care team is based on values such as time, effort and commitment. There are many talented doctors, and we have some of the best in the team.


All services in one place



The care your heart deserves

Every person is unique, and so is every heart. Your doctor will choose from a variety of treatment options to come up with the best plan for you. In the meantime, you can get acquainted with our services to better discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Our team effectively diagnoses and treats a number of common and complex heart diseases in order for the Pulse Cardiology Center to provide the superior health care needed by every patient.

We take care of our team because it does what is most important - take care of your health!


Internist - Interventional Cardiologist
Cardiac Surgeon
Cardiologist (MD, PhD, FACC)
Internal medicine specialist
Cardiologist ( MD, PhD, FACC )
Internal medicine specialist – Cardiologist


Pediatrician - Pediatric Cardiologist



Pulmonologist, Pneumophthisiologist




Vascular suregon 
Vascular surgeon 


MD Aleksandra Popović

Medical Doctor

Dr Danica Pecanac

MD Danica Pećanac

Medical Doctor

Sanja Mrđanov

Head nurse

Ljiljana Sekulić

Responsible nurse

Igor Dacic

Igor Dačić

X-ray technician

Miloš Stanković

Medical technican

Aleksandra Stanković

Scrub Nurse

Radovanka Milović


Katarina Vasić