About us

Acknowledging the urgent need for high quality specialized Cardiovascular care and wanting to increase patients’ access to diagnostic and therapies without waiting times and delays, we are excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind out-patient cardiology center in the region.

Pulse Cardiology Center offers fast-track diagnostic solutions to every patient in Serbia and in the region along with a wide range of minimally invasive operations (cardiac interventions). The center combines the deep knowledge of Serbian market and is based on a proven and successful model from the Dutch healthcare (CCN) as well as international expertise in operations and management. This allows us to set the trend as a regional center of excellence.


Pulse Cardiology Center aims to become the leading Cardiovascular care provider in the region, making sure every patient can access world-class patient-centric services.


Guided by our commitment to put patients first and foremost when addressing cardiology care, we focus daily on:


  • Providing fast and direct access to our cardiovascular care team and services
  • Personalizing care for each of our patients, keeping a connection with families and offering 24/7 support
  • Creating an environment where each person is valued, respected and patients feel at home
  • Advancing excellence and innovation in Cardiovascular services


The successful Dutch model brought in by partners CCN, or Cardiologie Centra Nederland, is set to be a game changer in specialized cardiac care. It provides quality, personal attention and minimal waiting time. Patients are seen within 48 hours and sometimes even at the same day, while top specialists perform all the necessary tests and draw up a treatment plan to allow the patient to immediately know where they stand.


This new methodology could lead the way to change cardiac care setting in the region to the better and is why we are convinced by our vision of always being within the reach of every patient.


Patients are at the heart of everything we do and that is why we built a holistic experience with a full scope of tests and diagnostic tools, provided by the best doctors and staff available, all affordable and under one roof.

We understand cardiac health is a pressing matter, hence our model is to be available for an appointment within 24 hours and to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis in less than 2-hour visits.

Pulse Cardiology Center offers a network of international expertise with a proven record of success implementing this fast-track methodology.

Personalized support and follow-up are offered to patients through professional and caring staff who prioritize patient safety and wellbeing.


The Pulse Cardiology Center focuses on rapid diagnostic, accurate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, all in one place. In addition, in a specially equipped Cat Lab, our team performs invasive diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures. The latest generation laboratory and CT scanner enable a complete diagnostic process that is necessary for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and conditions.

We believe in the treatment of the whole person in the Pulse Cardiology Center and we will do our best to get to know you well and help you as soon as possible.


We believe patients have the right to always be informed and updated about their health, that’s why at Pulse we provide a direct line of communication with doctors.

This allows for faster detection of symptoms and a full cycle of feedback, using smart and innovative technology for better results and continuous improvement.

A reliable information system automatically notifies patients and staff of key dates, ensuring a smooth and flawless process. It also guarantees cases and treatment plans are always updated and easily accessible by the doctors and staff.

  • All in one place
  • Affordable
  • No waiting time
  • Scheduling within 24 hours
  • Diagnosis in 2 hours

Any health condition can be stressful, so we strive to offer quick and easy access to all of our services. From scheduling on the same day to quick results, quick diagnosis within 2 hours, to effective treatment and all that in one place, because we know that time is of crucial importance. Our goal is to bring peace to our patients and improve their health.

  • Experience optimization
  • Personalized condition monitoring
  • 24 hour support every day
  • Patient safety comes first

Optimizing the experience is an ongoing process of understanding the needs of our patients and providing the best possible solution to problems and conditions at all levels. This allows us to improve our patients’ experiences through controlled and efficient service delivery. Personalized monitoring of the condition means that we dedicate ourselves to each patient individually and that we create special examinations, diagnostic methods and we monitor the effects of treatment. All day support allows patients to call the Pulse Cardiology Center at any time for advice or consultation, especially in emergencies or in case of worsening symptoms.

Patient safety is our number one priority. We want to avoid all potential adverse events for the patient during the health care process. We have the knowledge, available resources and very accurately measurement of the relationship between the care provided and the risk of non-treatment or other treatment methods.

We perform a large number of tests for many chronic cardiovascular diseases, which can diagnose the disease while it is asymptomatic, without signs or symptoms. Early detection of the disease can lead to cure, stabilization of the condition with medication or a longer period of survival in certain diseases. By determining the cardiovascular risk, monitoring the symptoms and the most appropriate way of treatment, we can make an early diagnosis and improve the health of our patients. Cardiac examinations and timely detection of the disease play a key role here. Our dedicated team is available 24 hours a day for all your questions and advice. By using online applications, we have the opportunity to monitor the condition, make a diagnosis and create therapy based on the information that you provide us with.

We believe that high quality and safe health care go hand in hand. Our hospital located in A-block provides our patients with access to the best staff and clinical resources on site and as quickly as possible. Cooperation with our Dutch partner CCN – enabled us to access the network of international expertise. We use their experiences and proven successful treatment models in cardiology.

Private hospitals often lack some resources and that is why we are proud to offer care without compromise in one place. We comply with all international and domestic regulations and procedures. We use one of the internationally recognized cardiac systems that offers fast and efficient care because we know that time is of crucial importance in cardiology.

  • Modern equipment
  • Automated system of reliable information
  • Leading interventions

Technology plays a crucial role in healthcare. And for the best care, the latest technology is needed. For that reason, we use the most modern medical equipment and software in the field for patient examinations, diagnostics and treatments, and we perform only current and proven cardiac interventions.

Clear policy, modern equipment, organizational structure, updated safety improvement data, qualified healthcare professionals and efficient involvement of patients in their care, enable us to make sustainable, significant and constant improvements in the treatment and safety of our patients.

  • Always be informed and up to date
  • State-of-the-art e-health services
  • Improvement through feedback

Empowerment is a process through which patients gain greater control over decisions and actions that affect their health. We involve our patients in our work in many ways.

Specially created educational materials for patients, to make sure that they are offered all possible treatment options and that they have made the right decision.

By using e-health through a special application, we are always up to date and monitor the condition of our patients in a sophisticated way.

The feedback you give us helps us to hear your wishes and suggestions and to create a treatment system tailored to your needs.