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It is good to know before scheduling an examination

If you have problems that could indicate cardiovascular problems, consult a doctor first. The doctor will decide which type of treatment or help is appropriate for you.

Due to the great interest, sometimes we will not be able to provide a short waiting time (48 hours from the call) with selected doctors, for all examinations. We try to have each of our patients examined as soon as possible. In case of a large volume of work, our team will organize consultations within 24 hours in agreement with another cardiologist.

The first cardiac examination

After registering at the info desk in our hospital, receiving and opening the medical history, the nurse will perform the following tests: blood analysis and ECG. After that, an ultrasound of the blood vessels of the heart and neck is done. Finally, tests are performed on treadmills and ergometric bicycle.

After these examinations are performed, you will have a final examination with a cardiologist to discuss the results, the preliminary diagnosis and the treatment plan.

What to take with you?

  • ID card or passport
  • Private insurance card (if you are a user)
  • List of drugs
  • Comfortable clothes due to testing, which includes certain exercises

Preventive testing

At the Pulse Cardiology Center, you can also schedule a preventive examination for cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular risk assessment, all types of laboratory analyzes, CT scans or interventions in electrophysiology and interventional cardiology.


At the Pulse Cardiology Center, you can make payments in cash, with bank cards, through your insurance companies or by payment to the account.

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