Total Body CT Scan

Good health can be a job for itself, especially with today’s fast pace of life, daily stress, lack of physical activity, various virus pandemics, but also with constant juggling of “life” and “style”. With a little precaution and “lifestyle management”, you can take care of your health, balance your life and return to healthy habits.

Have you ever had a precise body scan? Did you know that you can examine the whole body with non-invasive CT diagnostics, completely painless and very fast.

Regular health check-ups help detect early signs of illness and disorders, and even prevent their progress. Complete medical examinations are recommended for all people over the age of 35. A complete examination of the body is of the utmost importance, especially in chronic and fatal diseases such as cardiovascular disease or cancer, where early diagnosis could help us prevent or manage the disease and improve the patient’s life expectancy.

At the Pulse Cardiology Center, we have carefully created two packages when it comes to CT scanning diagnostics and examination of the whole body: Total body CT scan and Total body check.

Total Body CT scan

Full-body CT imaging is a new diagnostic technique that uses computed tomography to identify potential problems and diseases before symptoms appear.

What can a CT scan reveal?

A Total Body CT scan provides a “image” of the body’s anatomy, giving the doctor a clear and detailed view of the body in terms of bones, organs and blood vessels.

A full body scan at the Pulse Cardiology Center analyzes four main areas of the body: the blood vessels of the head and neck, the chest, the abdomen and the pelvis. CT of the lungs can detect early, potentially malignant nodules. In the heart, CT scans can detect aortic aneurysms and calcium deposits inside the plaque in the coronary arteries. In the abdomen / pelvis, the scanner can identify kidney stones and some cysts, enlarged lymph nodes, large abdominal masses, abdominal aneurysms, enlarged spleen, fatty liver, limited masses and large pelvic masses, while imaging of the head provides information about the brain tumor, bleeding, cerebral aneurysms, stroke, carotid arteries.

Full body CT scan package includes:

Total Body CT scan

PACKAGE PRICE   42,500.00 din.


Making an informed decision

Total Body CT scan diagnostics may not be for everyone. You can get all the information about the benefits and limitations of CT scan of the whole body and health risk assessments from our team of doctors at the Pulse Cardiology Center. The interview can be done at the scheduled time upon arrival before checkup, so that you are familiar with all details.

Full Body Scan in the A-block at the Pulse Cardiology Center

If you want to schedule a CT scanner and full body examination at the Pulse Cardiology Center, you can call our call center on 0117555000 or +381666555000 and we will inform you about all the details and plan your examination.