Puls Cardiology Center on Dedinje: New Location for Your Health



Puls Cardiology Center on Dedinje: New Location for Your Health


Dear patients and friends of the Puls Cardiology Center,


We are proud to share an exciting announcement. We are embarking on a new chapter in our business with the opening of a new cardiology center at 15 Neznanog Junaka Street on Dedinje – Puls Dedinje. This expansion represents our commitment to your health and the enhancement of the quality of medical services.


Modern Space for the Best Possible Health Care


The new location on Dedinje is not just a space for medical services; it is an environment carefully designed to provide the best possible care for your heart. The center spans a modern 400 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology. Our team of expert cardiologists, nurses, and technicians are excited to provide you with top-notch care at this impressive new location.


Dedicated Team of Professionals


We take pride in our team of experts who form the core of the Puls Cardiology Center. Our doctors, nurses, and other staff are dedicated to your well-being. The new center has also welcomed new physicians into our expert team. We are proud to have eminent professors, assistants, academics, specialists in cardiology, interventional cardiology, radiology, and pediatric cardiology join us: Academician Miodrag Ostojić, Prof. Dr. Siniša Pavlović, Prof. Dr. Branko Beleslin, Assoc. Dr. Milorad Tešić, Assoc. Dr. Zlatko Mehmedbegović, Assoc. Dr. Srđan Aleksandrić, Assoc. Dr. Olga Petrović, Dr. Andrija Pavlović, and Assoc. Dr. Vladimir Cvetić.


Puls Dedinje will give you the opportunity to meet these dedicated professionals and experience a high standard of care for your heart.


Patient First, Fast Diagnostics


At the Puls Cardiology Center, we believe in an approach to healthcare tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Our new location on Dedinje will allow us to better respond to your specific requirements and provide you with personalized care based on the latest achievements in medicine.


Special Department for Fast Diagnostics and Care – PULS GO


In addition to comprehensive cardiological diagnostics completed within two hours according to our protocols, state-of-the-art cath-lab, pacemaker centers, and other centers of excellence in cardiology, Puls on Dedinje also offers new services focused on fast and comprehensive diagnostics, specialized examinations, and therapies:


Examinations: General Surgery, Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine, General Practice, Endocrinology, Radiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Urology, Cardiology.


Diagnostics: X-ray, ECG, Holters, Laboratory, Ultrasound, CT Scanner, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy.


Interventions: Wound Treatment, Drainage, Wound Stitching, Casting, Immobilization, Reposition.


Therapy: Injections, Intravenous Therapy, Vitamin Infusions.


For more information about the services at the new location of the Puls Cardiology Center Dedinje, visit the website pulsgo.rs


A Step Closer to a Healthier Community


The opening of the new location on Dedinje is a step further in our mission to build a healthier community together. Through our planned future centers in other cities in Serbia, we will provide a world-class treatment concept to all residents of the country. With new capacities and possibilities, we aim to expand our influence and make the best cardiologists and the most modern equipment available to patients in each of our centers.


Visit Us on Dedinje


Puls Cardiology Center on Dedinje is eagerly awaiting your visit. If you have any questions or need an examination, feel free to contact us. Expect us to provide you with top-notch cardiological services in our new, modern space.


We have prepared special discounts for all patients during the opening period.


Thank you for your trust and support over the past years. We look forward to the journey towards health together in the coming years.


Your Puls Cardiology Center

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