Cardiology services, CT scanner and treatment in one place We hear your heart Total heart examination You get tired quickly? When was the last time you examined your heart? You have chest pain? You are often tired? Cardiology services, CT scanner and treatment in one place We hear your heart

Cardiology Center in Belgrade

Why choose Pulse Cardiology Center?

High level of expertise

Dutch experience

Pulse Cardiology Center is an institution created to apply the best standards in cardiac care.

No waiting time

Diagnosis in 2 hours

We are recognized for our ability to provide effective and rapid care to patients who feel pain or suffer from any type of cardiovascular disease.

Always there for patients

All services at one place

We also offer all types of examinations and tests as well as determination of the risk factors for heart problems. Using some of the latest technologies and the Dutch system, we offer you access to life-saving care.

  • All in one place
  • Affordable
  • No waiting time
  • Scheduling within 24 hours
  • Diagnosis in 2 hours
  • Experience optimization
  • Personalized condition monitoring
  • 24 hour support every day
  • Patient safety comes first
  • Early detection of disease
  • Direct line with doctors
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Network of international expertise
  • Proven success data
  • World class methodology
  • Modern equipment
  • Automated system of reliable information
  • Leading interventions
  • Always be informed and up to date
  • State-of-the-art e-health services
  • Improvement through feedback


Your health makes a strong heart. If your heart is not working at its best, you may be suffering from problems such as fatigue, arrhythmias, loss of breath and putting yourself at risk of ending up in the emergency room.

The good news: Many heart problems can be treated if they are detected on time. Our goal is to prevent all these conditions, through preventive examinations or, if they have occurred, to get you back on your feet with more energy and endurance.

The successful Dutch model, introduced by the partners of CCN – Cardiology Center Nederland, provides quality, personal relationship with the patient, attention and minimum waiting time. Patients are examined within 48 hours, and sometimes on the same day, while top specialists perform all the necessary tests and compile a treatment plan so that the patient can know his condition immediately.

If someone needs a quick arrival at the hospital and timely diagnosis due to cardiovascular problems, the Pulse Cardiology Center is the right choice. Our staff is ready to provide a quick response with diagnosis and treatment through the Fast Track System for chest pain, dyspnea and arrhythmia.



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