Dr. Vladan Živković

Dr. Vladan Živković

Pulmonologist – pneumophthisiologist

Specific professional orientation

Dr. Vladan Živković is a specialist in pneumophthisiology. He is employed at the Pulmonology Clinic of the Military Medical Academy (VMA) and works daily with the most demanding patients. Dr. Živković has extensive experience in working with COVID patients, gained through his work in COVID hospitals such as KBC Zemun and VB Karaburma. Additionally, Dr. Vladan Živković performs invasive pulmonary diagnostics.



  • Medical Faculty in Niš, Medical Faculty VMA, Belgrade
  • 2005: Medical Faculty Niš, undergraduate studies
  • 2017: Specialization in pneumophthisiology, Medical Faculty VMA
  • 2021: Initiated doctoral academic studies
  • 2022: Training in bronchoscopy at IPBV
  • 2022: Currently pursuing doctoral academic studies

Education and Courses

  • 2009: Courses in emergency medicine, Mass Casualty Incident Response – Emergency Medical Service Niš
  • 2008: Traumatology course, Care in wartime conditions – Emergency Medical Service Niš



2012 – Specialist doctor at the 1st department of the Pulmonology Clinic, VMA

2005 – Doctor in the 63rd Parachute Brigade, medical care for personnel

2007 – Search and Rescue Service


Military Service

As a military doctor, he participated in multinational operations and led a team in three missions (DR Congo) focused on transporting and evacuating injured and sick individuals to higher-level medical facilities. Dr. Vladan Živković also took part in a combat mission of the Serbian Armed Forces as part of the Autonomous Team for the protection of a ship within the EU mission ATALANTA – serving as a medical professional within the team. In this regard, Dr. Vladan Živković possesses significant experience in working with international medical services.