MD Matija Miljević

matija miljevic

MD Matija Miljević


Specific professional orientation:

  • Performing imaging diagnostic procedures in the field of:
    classical X-ray diagnostic – skeletal graphics, lung, abdomen and scopy – X-ray of
    esophagogastroduodenum, irigography, passage of small intestines,
    cholangiography, gastrographic test, proctography, fistulography
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis, thyroid glans, soft tissue, Doppler of carotid arteries and  upper and lower extremities.
  • CT – head, chest, abdomen, pelvis, angiography – carotid arteries, arteries of the upper and lower extremities, coronary angiography
  • Performing vascular (PTA, embolization) and nonvascular (biliary drainage, esophageal stenting and nephrostomy) procedures in interventional radiology.



  • March 2014. -passed the professional exam – Radiology specialist
  • 2013. – Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade – doctor of medicine
  • 2006. High school – Gymnasium  ”Milutin Milanković”


  • January 2021 – Pulse cardiology center – radiologist
  • March 2017 – Clinical center –  ”Bežanijska kosa”, department: radiology – Diagnostic Imaging Center
  • December 2014. – Clinical center  ”Bežanijska kosa”, Volunteer specialization in radiology, department: radiology – Diagnostic Imaging Center
  • September 2013. – March 2014. Clinical center ”Zemun”, Helath center ”Novi Beograd” , volunteer experience
  • September 2010. – June 2013. Institute of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade – teaching associate


References / professional papers / memberships

  • Symposium “Days of Bežanijska Kosa”
  • 13th Balkan Congress of Radiologists – Sarajevo
  • 54th Congress of Biomedical Sciences Students of Serbia with international participation
  • Research: Effects of methionine-enriched diet on lipid peroxidation and catalase activity in rat brain
  • 53rd Congress of Biomedical Sciences Students of Serbia with international participation
  • Research on the topic: Assessment of elasticity of the aorta and left ventricle in patients with the first acute myocardial infarction.