Who is our dutch partner



Who is our dutch partner


CCN or Cardiology Center Nederland is a Dutch organization consisting of independent clinics for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. A unique feature of CCN is the way in which it perfectly adapts its outpatient care to the needs of the patient and the doctor who refers the patient.

Quality, attention and minimum waiting time

CCN provides quality, personal attention and minimum waiting time. Patients can be examined at the CCN within 48 hours, and in emergencies even on the same day. Top cardiologists and specialists perform all the necessary tests on the same day. After completing all the tests, the cardiologist will talk to the patient about the diagnosis and, where necessary, compile a treatment plan. Patients know their condition immediately.

We are one beat ahead

CCN is a public-private network organization that offers excellent cardiac care. Our goal is to contribute to the well-being of the public by providing the best care, making it quickly accessible and cheaper for all, and by continuously investing in health innovations and improvements.

Adapting care to needs

Two ambitious cardiologists founded the Cardiology Center of the Netherlands in 2006, driven by the desire to adapt outpatient care more efficiently to the needs of patients and doctors.

The start

We started with the center in Amsterdam. General practitioners were delighted with our excellent cardiac care and soon referred thousands of patients with heart problems to our center. Encouraged by this enthusiasm, we quickly opened several smaller centers in various easily accessible locations.

Speed, quality and growth

Intensive collaboration with major hospitals and university hospitals means that patients awaiting heart surgery, angioplasty (PTCA) / treatments for irregular heartbeat and pacemaker implantation can be examined quickly and competently. Outpatient treatment can then be continued at CCN.

An increasing number of ambitious colleagues with scientific and academic experience have joined and continue to join the Cardiology Center of the Netherlands. As a result, there is expertise in cardiology in every field, and the quality of health care and innovation are guaranteed.

The enthusiasm was not limited to the patients and doctors who referred them: health insurance also saw an opportunity to guarantee its clients excellent cardiac care and now cooperate with us in innovative health projects.

The future

Cardiologie Centra Nederland continues to grow and work on its quality and service. As we do this, we always keep our patients in mind, take care of them, have personal contact and seek and provide the best treatment for each individual.


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