CT Scanner – the Most Reliable Imaging Method for Early Detection of Changes in the Lungs



CT Scanner – the Most Reliable Imaging Method for Early Detection of Changes in the Lungs
Doktorka objašnjava pacijentu kako funkcioniše CT skener
The coronavirus pandemic marked the period we are currently in and led us to listen more carefully to our body and organism, and to take more care of our health.

In the multitude of information that we receive from all sides, the constant and loud appeals of health workers not to ignore the symptoms and not to leave anything to chance certainly stand out. Timely reaction and contacting the doctor as soon as possible are the most important things we can do to increase our chances for a quick and successful recovery.

Diagnosis made at an early stage of the disease and the right therapy is the way we should go in order to avoid the bigger consequences that this disease leaves behind.

In order for the treatment to go in the most favorable course, it is important that the patient is informed in the right way about the most reliable methods and analyzes that are currently available to him.
<h2><strong>Methods of detecting changes in the lungs</strong></h2>
The most commonly used methods to detect changes in the lungs are ultrasound, X-ray and CT scanner. Depending on the nature of the disease and the situation in which the patient finds himself, the doctor will decide which is the most suitable at a given moment.

When we talk about coronavirus, pulmonologists agree that ultrasound is not reliable enough and that its application in this case cannot be much useful. On the other hand, X-rays and <a href=”https://pulskardioloskicentar.rs/en/services/diagnostic/ct-scanner/lung-ct-scan/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>CT of the lungs</a> can make a very important contribution to the diagnosis. Their efficiency is at a very high level and currently these methods are used everywhere in the world.

Fleischner’s society dealt specifically with this topic and gave conclusions that supported these claims about the mentioned methods. In addition, they pointed out that a CT scan of the lungs was more reliable than a plain X-ray, especially in detecting initial changes in the lungs.
<h2><strong>CT scanner</strong></h2>
A multislice-computerized scanner (MSCT) is used to create very detailed cross-sectional images of the body. The lung image obtained in this way has an advantage over the image obtained with an X-ray for the simple reason that it provides more precise information and is able to recognize changes in the organs at even earlier stages.

The X-ray has been in use since 1895, and its importance for medicine cannot be disputed. MSCT also uses X-rays as well rendgen, but also modern technology, which further improves the performance of this more modern device.
<h2><strong>Recommendation for CT scan</strong></h2>
The reasons why your doctor may refer you for a CT scan are different and numerous, which speaks in favor of the wide application of this method and its status. Some of them are:

● diagnosing infection

● detection of bone fractures

● spotting muscle disorders

● checking blood vessels

● spotting and locating masses and tumors

● observation of internal bleeding and injuries

● monitoring the course of treatment for diseases such as cancer and various heart diseases.

Our clinic has a 128 multislice Incisive CT Philips scanner, with the help of which in just a few seconds we can safely and painlessly access the most important information on which the further course of your treatment will depend.
<h2><strong>CT for early detection and management of coronavirus</strong></h2>
At the end of 2019, information abot pneumonia appeared, and the cause was unknown at that time. On January 7, 2020, the new virus of coronavirus family was officially marked as the cause of the disease Covid-19, which affects the respiratory tract and lungs.

Much has been discovered and proven so far about the nature of the disease and the characteristics of the virus. What we can point out is that not all infected people will develop more severe forms of this disease and that it does not have to lead to a fatal outcome.

In order to avoid a longer path to recovery and potential complications of our condition, we should use the possibilities that modern medicine offers. Lung CT, due to its sensitivity and accuracy, is the number one method in the world used for early diagnosis. From the very beginning of the pandemic, it has been recommended by experts in the field of radiology.

During the analysis of the pandemic, data were obtained that in some patients, a CT scan of the lungs indicated Covid-19 even before the positive PCR test. Specifically, in these people, the PCR test was negative even though the virus was already present in the body and was already affecting the lungs themselves.

When you take a lung scan, the interpretation should be left to an experienced specialist.
<h2><strong>What does a CT scan look like?</strong></h2>
A CT scan involves the patient lying on a stand that is retracted into a part of the device that resembles a ring that has holes at both ends. An X-ray machine rotates around the patient and he takes numerous images. It is possible that the patient will hear a buzzing and this is completely normal.

If you are concerned or claustrophobic, our staff will provide you with support and understanding. It is in the interest of all of us that you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible in order for the examination to be successful and for you to get your important results.

We use a 128 multislice Incisive CT Philips scanner and stand behind its reliability as well as the expertise of our team in handling this device.

During the examination, you will be under the watchful eye of a specialist who will then interpret and bring you closer to the obtained image in the simplest way.

<img class=”size-full wp-image-989967 aligncenter” src=”https://pulskardioloskicentar.rs/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/ct-lungs-scan.jpg” alt=”lungs ct scan” width=”1000″ height=”667″ />
<h2><strong>Is a CT scanner safe?</strong></h2>
MSCT scanning is quite safe, because large doses of X-rays are not used and the procedure itself does not take long. In addition, you will not access this type of organ imaging often, and it will not leave any consequences on the structure of the tissue.

Negative effects would be noticed only if you were exposed to these rays too often and for too long.

What you need to pay attention to is whether you are allergic to iodine, because it is found in a contrast material that is used if soft tissues are being photographed. In addition, if you are pregnant, it is necessary to consult a doctor, although the procedure should not affect the fetus.
<h2><strong>Other analyzes to diagnose Covid 19</strong></h2>
To get a complete picture of your condition due to coronary infection, the doctor will need some more important information before defining the diagnosis and prescribing therapy, so he will probably send you for some additional analyzes.

People with suspected coronavirus virus should have a blood test done, have their temperature measured, do some of the available tests (depending on the symptoms and their duration) and have their lungs examined by an appropriate method.

The blood count at the Covid 19 will show a smaller number of leukocytes, and in addition, the changes will be reflected in the number of lymphocytes and thrombocytes. However, the blood count is not enough to confirm the virus with certainty. That is why there are other tests such as:

● PCR test – is one of the most accurate tests and standard in the world. It involves taking a swab of the nose and throat and its sensitivity is high, ranging from 78% to 98% depending on the patient and the stage of the disease in which the person is. It is especially important for early detection of the presence of the virus.

● Serological tests – they determine the presence of various antibodies that appear in response to the presence of the virus. These tests involve taking blood and their reliability at the beginning of the infection is not great, because the antibodies appear later.

● Antigen tests – they are done by taking a swab from the patient’s nose, then placing the sample in the device and the results arrive in thirty minutes at the latest. They can give positive results a day, two or three before the symptoms, but also seven days after their appearance. After that period, the possibility that the result will be incorrect increases.
<h2><strong>How COVID-19 can affect your heart?</strong></h2>
This is a very important issue that scientists and experts in various fields of medicine have been dealing with for months. Although research is still ongoing, some rough data on the

consequences already exist. It has been noticed that in some people, among whom are even young people who did not have more severe forms of this biology, weeks and even months later, they can notice cardiovascular disorders, but also the appearance of <a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myocarditis” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>myocarditis</a>.

In addition, people with cardiovascular problems are at risk for developing more severe forms of coronavirus disease. This is just one in a series of reasons why it is very important to take care of the cardiovascular system.

Our clinic is here to provide you with the best and fastest diagnosis and cardiovascular care. Whether you need support in the treatment or prevention of the disease, our experts are here to answer all questions and resolve all your concerns.

We are glad to be able to boast that, thanks to the equipment that meets the highest world standards and an experienced team, we do not have to wait long for examinations, and you can get a diagnosis in two hours. Call us today and schedule your check-up.

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