Dr. Igor Tulevski – At Pulse, we bring the most modern cardiology solutions accompanied by an IT system

Kardiolog dr Igor Tulevski

MD. Igor Tulevski – cardiologist

Founder of CCN – Nederland and Pulse cardiology center


Thank you for coming, your time and attention. Before I start I want to thank the people who made all this possible, because with the people who do this everything begins and everything ends. First, I would like to mention our team from Belgrade, Pulse and my partner MD Igor Georgijev, a doctor and colleague, Erste Bank, which also made it possible for us to arrange all this, and the team from Amsterdam, led by Jocelyn Berdowski, who is the engine of this project. In the next few minutes, I want to explain to you what we do here based on the principle of “Why, What and How”, which means why, what exactly and how – with what.

Dr Igor Tulevski sa zaštitnom maskom

Why cardiology?

Cardiac problems are one of the leading causes of illness and mortality in Serbia and throughout the world. The demand for cardiology services in the world is constantly growing, and also in Serbia, and thus the waiting lists are also increasing. There is a great demand for diagnostic centers and cardiology centers that treat cardiovascular patients.


What we do?

We do cardiology, we have a polyclinic, CT diagnostics, we have a fast track for chest pain, which my colleague MD. Goran Popović will talk more about. We have an observation room with beds and we have Cath-lab.


How and with what do we do all that?

Everything you see in Pulse is the most modern equipment in the world today, and the core ie. the backbone of our system is the IT system. This allows us to multiply our quality, patient safety and the quality of healthcare services everywhere we work, offer and work in the same way. We hope that in Serbia, in cooperation with all healthcare workers, we will make it possible for cradiology to be at a better, world level. That much from me, thank you.



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