The Most Modern Equipment and E-Health Together With Doctors and Staff Make the Heart of the Pulse Cardiology Center



The Most Modern Equipment and E-Health Together With Doctors and Staff Make the Heart of the Pulse Cardiology Center
Dr Jocelyn Berdowski
Dr Jocelyn Berdowski –MBA – COO of Heart for Health International and Project Manager for the Pulse Cardiology Center


I don’t speak any Serbian, so I have no clue what was said before and I hope that you understand English. I am very excited to be here, its a very special day. We`we had our soft opening of the Pulse Center couple of months ago and we have been overwhelmed by the success it has had in the past couple of months.


I have to emphasize this is not just because we have an amazing concept and of course the IT system is amazing, we have terrific partners but what really makes this heart take is the staff working in it. We have of course an amazing cardiologist, but please keep in mind this is just a small part of the team. We have amazing nurses like Sanja and Ljilja, Ivana is doing a great job, Maja as clinical assistant. This is what makes it work. And also this inspired us to start looking into other bigger cities, not bigger than Belgrade sorry, but big cities to open additional clinics. 


At the same time we realized that staff is a big issue, not just here but everywhere. And also the population is ageing, which causes an epidemic of chronic diseases especially cardiac diseases. So we need to be smarter, we need to be more creative in to how we can keep our health care system sustainable and affordable for everyone. In the Nederlands we have been working with an E-health solution for the past 5 to 6 years. We give patients an app and with that app they can upload their own bio metric data and we can analyze that data form a distance. And this causes healthcare to be independent of place and time, we can treat patients anywhere regardless whether they are in the clinic or not. So for example if you have been diagnosed with arrhythmia and you feel you have heart palpitations how it would normally go is if you feel those complains you call you make an  appointment and yes we are ready for you. You can have your appointment as soon as possible within the 24 hours.


Dr Jocelyn Berdowski at the Opening of the Pulse Cardiology CenterBut it could be to late in the sense that your complains have already subsided and you come to your cardiologist, „I really have this complains just a couple of hours ago and now I am here and its passed“. 


This is a little device that we give to our patients, is the same size as the credit card. You can take it with you anywhere and any soon you feel you have complaints you can immediately check if it is your heart – yes or no. And I hear you thinking if everybody is gonna send ECG-s all the time how is that gonna make you more efficient and make you need less staff. Of course we specialize in IT and we have smart algorithms that filter out all the normal ECG-s. So if its definitely not your heart the patient will also know immediately and if it is not a normal ECG our staff will analyze it and if needed we can adjust your therapy right away. This is something we have been researching for years and still have 4 PHD-s actively investigating how we can keep optimizing this E-health solution. 


What they found was in patients with hypertension there is seasonal rhythm and this means we can provide you tailor maid health care. You only need to take medication if its actually needed not because you got diagnosed once. We can keep track of you and your values and only if its actually needed you need to take medication.


Also our national health insurance system investigated how efficient this really is and they found that in patients using our E-health solutions the hospital admission declined with 50% and even  ambulance transfer decrease with 70%. This are mind blowing numbers. Patients have been extremely satisfied and more over healthcare is more affordable this way cause you don’t need all those clinics you can treat patients from a far and they only come to you if its really needed. If they need additional diagnostics or if it appears they need an additional intervention. This is a great step forwards to value based health care and we are so exited to bring this to Serbia and to share our knowledge with you and Yes, we hope we stick around for quite a while. Thank you.


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